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Since 1953, the Fornaro family has been in the transportation business. As an official transporter for the U.S. Postal Service, the family has a long tradition of handling sensitive property with great respect. Now that the Fornaros are offering COWs Mobile Storage containers to the Morristown area, you can store property or move to a new home and trust that you are in great hands with a long time family business.
COWs of Morristown offers 8’ and 16’ COWs – Container On Wheels® mobile storage containers for daily, weekly and monthly rental.

Carmine Fornaro Jr. and his older brother Phil understand both the need for mobile storage in Morristown and the attraction to the COWs – Container on Wheels® brand. As children, both Fornaro brothers had a special affection for cows. “I think it was the udders,” Carmine Jr. said about his brother. He continued, “Phil was always drawing udders on his notebooks when he SHOULD have been doing schoolwork…at least I think they were udders.” Then he muttered, “That explains his grades…”

Phil then shared a bovine-related anecdote about Carmine Jr. “Carmine was kind of a bully as kid. He always made me drink milk from the carton. A lot of milk! I credit Carmine with my unfortunate Lactose intolerance issues. But I got the last laugh, every time I know I am going to Carmine’s home to visit, I chug a gallon of whole milk. About an hour into my visit, the fireworks start. I win!”

COWs are great for decluttering a house that you want to sell. That service is known as home staging. Dakota Clark from the COWs Corporate office in Miami said, “The Real State Staging Association claims that staged homes sell within 33 days compared to an average of 196 days for homes that are not staged. COWs has a special home staging program designed to help folks sell their homes faster – and for a great price.” Dakota then barked, “Anyone selling a home in Morristown should call COWs!”

COWs of Morristown invites everyone to call for help with any moving or storage need

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